Although the clocks change this weekend,it is hard to believe that summer time is here!  Our vehicles will still need to be checked for the cold weather conditions.  We would recommend the following checks:

  • Check Antifreeze strength. (We will help you with this!)
  • Check screen wash & top up if necessary. (Screen wash should have antifreeze additive for cold weather conditions).
  • Tyre pressures - important whatever the time of year. (We will help you with this!)
  • Tyres should have good tread depth for maximum grip.
  • Cracks in windscreens - cold weather & bumps in the road can cause these to fracture, there are many windscreen firms who can help with this problem.
  • Always carry De-icer & a means of clearing your screen.  Try to keep your De-icer indoors as if kept in your car your door locks may be frozen! 
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